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5 Things Your Children Should Not Do In The House When Your Guests Are Around

by warritatafo
5 Things Your Children Should Not Do In The House When Your Guests Are Around

Most parents are feeling less concerned about how to raise their kids. In the old days, children were probably brought up and most of the negative things happening weren’t happening then because of how parents properly disciplined their children. Every parent should know that children don’t exceed the age of training else there are married. Even when married some children still come back to their parents to seek advice when they are in hard times.

Parents, especially mothers shouldn’t be lazy in training their kids, you should tell your children what they need to do at a particular time. If you don’t educate your children on what they should do right, they will end up not knowing their right from their left. Untrained children don’t see anything bad when displaying their negative characters and this makes them disgrace their parents anywhere they find themselves both in public places or at home.

Many parents today find it difficult to invite their friends due to how their children behave, some parents don’t even know the basics of training a child and his has made their children lack basic home training. My dear if your children are lacking both home and personality training, you are at risk because both your future and theirs are at stake. They may grow up to destroy what you have built for years, this means that there is danger ahead and you need to do something now before it’s too late.

If you don’t correct them now you may live to regret your actions when you see other children of their age progressing in life.

As a parent who usually has guests who are of great personalities, you will need your children to keep a good character and attitude towards them. To achieve this you need to follow these five guidelines. So that you will feel comfortable when you have some guests in your house.

#1. You should know that it is wrong to have your kids seated in the sitting room with you and your guest. Allowing them to sit with the guest, will make the guest feel uncomfortable in discussing confidential matters with you. If your kids have been doing this it is a bad habit that needs to be corrected. You should learn to correct them and tell them not to come close to the sitting room when you have guests.

#2. Your kids must not walk about their sitting room this may cause serious distractions and your guest won’t feel happy about this. All kids are expected to be in their room when their parents are busy attending to their guests. If you don’t stop your kids from distracting your guests, your guest will not speak well of you and they may claim that your children are poorly trained.

#3. If your children must greet the guests, they should dress decently and avoid wearing clothes that attract the visitors’ attention. You should know that your guest won’t feel happy about that and this will speak badly of you and your children.

#4. After the greeting, they must not stay around, they should go back to their room or engage in activities that will keep them busy like reading or helping out in the kitchen except they are being asked some questions by the guests. Doing this will make your guests feel unconformable and it automatically shows they lack manners.

#5. Some kids can cause serious distraction, don’t allow your children to distract you and your guest, sometimes they may come out asking you unnecessary questions. This won’t go down properly with your visitors and they may stop coming to your house.

What’s your take on this?

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