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Check out Traditional Wedding Outfits in Different Countries Around the World

by warritatafo
Check out Traditional Wedding Outfits in Different Countries Around the World

The classic white gown wedding dress only became popular in the 19th century thanks to Queen Victoria herself. The queen was the first wife to rock a white bridal gown for her wedding. Before she did that, women around the world simply stuck with their traditional wears for weddings. 

These days though, the white bridal gown has become quite popular and almost all bride wear it for hwr wedding. As popular as it has become, the trend hasn’t fully been accepted in some cultures in Asia and Africa. Today ill be showing off pictures of brides and grooms wearing their traditional clothing for their wedding ceremony. 

They all certainly look beautiful, the women especially. 


Japan has retained it culture habit of wearing the whit and red for wedding ceremony. Also, in japan the brides do wear two different wedding dress for her wedding. 


In Nigeria, weddings are classified into two ceremonies, the white wedding and the traditional wedding. During the traditional wedding, the bride is allowed to pick an attire of her choice accompanied with a gele. Don’t forget about the groom too as he picks the same material as her and sew whatever style he wants. Traditional weddings in Nigeria are known as one of the most beautiful weddings in the world. 


Weddings in Romania are done the modern way; however, they celebrate two wedding ceremony. The first being the modern wedding and the second being the traditional wedding. Even though the country isn’t a large one, each region in the country still has separate wedding dresses but the same style. 


The Scottish wedding way is one that some will consider weird but it is a tradition they have been practicing for decades now. During a wedding ceremony, the groom rocks his clan kilt, which is seen a skirt to many but not to them. He also attaches a shawl designed with his clan’s colors around his bride’s shoulders to showcase her as a new addition to his family. 

Sri Lanka

A wedding involving people from Sri Lanka is seen as one of the most beautiful wedding in the world due to the stunning fashion on show from the bride. The bride always captures the whole attention due to the beautiful outfit brides wear for weddings in Sri Lanka. 


Wedding dresses in Ghana are very colorful and beautiful. What’s more unique about the Ghanaian way of dressing is that each family has different colors allocated to them, they can actually choose the color they want. This is why Ghanaian weddings sees the bride and groom rock different color of dresses compared to other weddings. 


In India, wedding ceremonies are done traditionally and the color of the bride and groom dresses is either pink or red. In some areas in India, the bride traditionally wears a red dot at the center of her forehead.


Even though Pakistan is an Islamic country, most of it wedding traditions is similar to that of India. Henna patterns are usually drawn on the bride’s hands and she usually rock a red dress for her wedding day. 


Wedding dresses in china is quite simple an elegant. The official color is red and white, while the white is a symbol for mourning and funeral time. After the marriage, the husband is cleared to life the red veil off his wife’s head to officially seal their marriage. 


As surprising as it might sound, Ethiopia is the only country in Africa with Christianity as the country’s official religion. Most people in Ethiopia hail from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Hence why wedding ceremonies in the country is similar to wedding ceremonies in Greece. 


In a traditional Hawaiian wedding setting, the groom is cleared to wear any pant but he must wear a white shirt. The bride is cleared to wear a white beautiful gown and she must grace her hair with fresh flowers. 


Traditional weddings in Norway are quite straight forward, the couples must wear the Bunad, a traditional Norwegian costume. 


In Malaysia, wedding ceremonies are carried out in relation to Muslim tradition. The brides is allowed to pick a dress that has certain features. The dress must have shades of violet, purple or cream on it.

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