Ay And Brother Lanre Makun Almost Exchange Blows During AY Live [See Details]

The News making waves in Entertainment industry is that Ay and his Blood Brother Lanre Makun allegedly almost came to blows at the Backstage during his Annual AY Live Comedy Show at Eko Hotel.

The Anonymous source who made this known stated that;


“Ayo Makun (AY) and his younger brother Lanre Makun were at loggerheads before the event and it wasn’t resolved after the event”.

‘They got into this very heated argument and were close to exchanging blows back stage because AY found out a few days before the event that Lanre had been selling or maybe even giving out tickets to people without his consent’ a source said.

“Ay was very pissed that he had to re-arrange the table settings at the last minute just to distort Lanre’s plans and this didn’t quite go down well’ the source continued.

It was reported that two days before the show, that AY warned people against begging for free tickets from his brother.

See His Post Below;

‘those of you calling @lanremakunevents asking for INVITES to Ay Live on Easter Sunday April 1st… No disrespect o! It is not my birthday or child dedication. It is a gatetaking event with huge investments that must be recovered.

We ONLY give out complimentary tickets to direct supporters of the show and limited number of people whom have helped in building the brand over the years.

Kindly bear with us. For more information of how to buy tickets for the show, see our previous posts’.

We hope they resolve their differences as as soon as possible.

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