Cardi B drags follower who called her a “dumb bitch” for saying she identifies as a black woman

Cardi B drags follower who called her a

took to Twitter to address claims she’s not black and has never accepted being black until it was time to benefit from black culture.

It began with a Twitter user writing: “Cardi never accepted being black. She embraces black cultures in the same way culture vultures do. She acts like a bw until its time to be a bw.”


Cardi replied to the Twitter user: “How do you act like a black woman ? How do black women act ?”

Another Twitter user, @goddesscardii came to the rapper’s defence, by sharing an old video where Cardi B was talking about her nappy hair and how black pages inspire her to love her hair despite her plans to “perm” it.

@goddesscardii captioned the video: “You’ve always claimed to be black. Don’t listen to them ma.”

Cardi thanked her supporter and reacted to the video, saying: “And I don’t want to hear nobody saying this shit is new cause I was t even love & hip hop had my fucked up teeth ,still stripping and living in the Bronx here.”

But Twitter user @Naya_brazy reacted to the old video of cardi talking about her nappy hair by writing: “What the fuck does your hair have to do with anything you dumb bitch.”

And Cardi slammed her back, saying: “It’s not about my hair you sausage neck bitch it’s who I identify myself as.”

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