Don’t make grandiose promises, be honest – Advocate to Governorship candidates

An elder, Sir Nandi Peter Bette, who is a good governance advocate in Cross River State has called on whoever will emerge as Governor of the state on 18th March 2023 not to make grandiose promises but be honest to the people he will govern.

He made the call in a statement released in Calabar Friday morning, saying the previous grandiose promises have become big burdens on the state.

“We don’t need grandiose promises or empty slogans any longer. The truckloads of the unfulfilled ones we’ve had before now are enough headaches.

“Political office seekers, please think twice and be sure that whatever promises being made now are the type that can be fulfilled in four years. That’s our modest expectation.”

He asserted that what people in the state are yearning for is a clear break from politics of deceit, maintaining that they are looking forward to focused, purposeful and sincere governance.

“The people need honesty from their leaders. In fact, they need a government with a human face.

“Citizens cannot, for instance, put all their youthful energies into working in the public/civil service of the state for 35 years, only to end up in old age languishing in penury, dying in instalments simply because a government doesn’t see it as a priority to pay them gratuity several years after retirement.

“Cross Riverians will want to see an end to the callous degradation of our ecosystem stemming from the wanton destruction of our forest. The timber trucks are further destroying our already poor roads, creating more hazards for road users”.

Bette also expressed worry that the prevailing insecurity in the state was “making a total nonsense of the once ‘Peoples Paradise’ that boasted a capital city where everyone could Come And Live And Be At Rest.”

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