Drama as woman called to testify in court starts bleating like goat (Video)

Drama as woman called to testify in court starts bleating like goat (Video)

A Machokas court in Kenya has experienced drama and confusion after an eyewitness called to testify in a case suddenly lost her ability to speak human language.

When the lady arrived at the courthouse and was supposed to speak, she started bleating like a goat.

In video which has gone viral she can be seen stumbling outside and bleating hysterically as court personnel and other onlookers observe her in disbelief.

According to local media, they were unable to continue with the case because the key witness was unable to talk.

When word of the woman’s odd behavior spread, many people gathered in the area and flocked to Machakos court.

Watch the video below,

In other news, controversial influencer, Mandy Kiss has reacted after an upcoming skitmaker, Salo, claimed he was struck with badluck after getting intimate with her.

During an Instagram live session today March 13, Salo expressed his grievance with the self-styled ‘president of Oloshos‘ and lambasted her for negatively affecting his live.

He accused her of ruining his life and claimed he has not had any good business deal since they met and had sexual intercourse.

In her rebuttal, Mandy Kiss in a series of posts shared via her Instastory claimed the allegation is false because she has never slept with Salo.

She admitted that they linked up but claimed that they didn’t have sex. She also accused Salo of using her name to chase clout, and warned him to stop.

Mandy Kiss also posted pictures of her shedding tears, and stated that she is really hurt by the damning allegation.

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