"Goodbye my beautiful purple flower"- Fiancé of beautiful Kenyan pilot who perished in plane crash pens emotional tribute

Captain Barbra Wangeci Kamau, the pilot who was steering the ill-fated FlySax aircraft that crashed in the Aberdares has been laid to rest on 14th June in Kiambu, Kenya.
Barbra became a captain in September 2017. She and First Officer Jean Mureithi were killed when the plane hit a hillside in the Aberdares. The women were among 10 people who perished in the plane crash.
Family and close friends paid tribute to Barbra Wangeci Kamau during the mass at St. Paul’s University Chapel last Thursday.
Barbra Wangeci Kamau recently revealed that she was planning her wedding to fiance, Austin Mumyalo Mbalo. The pair started dating in 2016 after they had been frieds for several years.
According to her eulogy, the two had shared the best and happiest two years of their lives and were in the process of making their union official to family and friends when she met her death.
Her fiancé shared their memories in a beautiful poem he called the purple flower , which he attributed to thre fact that she loved the color purple:
“There are many colorful flowers on the path of life
But the prettiest have the sharpest thorns
And just like the sharp thorns of the whistling thorn tree
You jealously guarded our love daily
There are many colorful flowers on the path of life
but the prettiest have the sharpest thorns
And fearlessly you loved me like a loyal wife
Raising our house to a home
Goodbye my beautiful purple flower
I know you had to heed the Father’s call,
And even though I only had you for the shortest hour
I thank the Lord for the most beautiful queen of all.”

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