Group congratulates Tinubu, says new Nigeria possible

group, Rescue Movement for New Nigeria has sent a congratulatory message to President-elect, Bola Tinubu.

DAILY POST reports that Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress, APC, was declared winner of the February 25 presidential election.

The group, which spoke through a statement signed by its Director General, Mr Martins Ugwu, urged Nigerians to keep hope alive, adding that New Nigeria is possible.

“It is longer news that Nigeria’s presidential election has come and gone but the ripple effect created by the said election is still very fresh in the minds of millions of Nigerians who have hoped to use this opportunity to reset the country for good.

“Besides, an election has been conducted and the winner declared by INEC and it is on this note we are using this opportunity to send our congratulatory message to Bola Tinubu for the victory at the polls and we hope he will use this opportunity to provide Nigerians the much needed relief from many years of bad leadership.

“Our collective resolve to build a new Nigeria of our dreams shouldn’t be dashed as a result of the recent happenings, especially as regards to INEC’s inability to offer Nigerians free, fair and credible elections but we must continue to stand strong together until the good news is declared.

“Because never has there been the influence in the hands of young people like the influence we carry now. But for Nigeria to reap the dividends she has longed for, it is up to our generation to make sure that the influence is channeled correctly and directed towards relevant issues that affect not only ourselves, but generations after us. And there is no better step to achieve this than for us to come together as young people and begin to address the challenges reasonably in line with democratic principles and norms.

“But as an organisation, we are impressed that despite the INEC shortcomings, it is no longer business as usual in our political contests. That is the reason behind the formation of Rescue Movement for new Nigeria, under the leadership of His Excellency Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, an enigma and true believer whose passion for a new Nigeria is unrivaled”.

The group urged Nigerians to come out en-masse to vote for their choice candidate in the forthcoming elections.

“As we prepare to go for the next election, the governorship and House of Assembly election across the country, we urge the people to come out massively to vote for their chosen candidates. We should not be demoralized by the INEC’s actions and inactions. We believe that democracy is like a baby, it will continue to grow, we must continue to pursue it, nurture it, stand for it until we get it right where people will be free to vote and their vote counted.

“As a noble movement working for the good of the masses, RESCUE Movement (RM) for New Nigeria has come to stay.

“We recognized that ignorance and economic inequality are linked with other forms of social and economic injustice such as violence, corruption, gender inequality, tribal sentiment and religious crises.

“Hence we are committed to building a strong Nigeria founded on equity, justice, peace and greater opportunities to seek more knowledge and self-advancement.

“We will be a watchdog for this incoming administration and stand as a force to defend democracy, good governance and a mouthpiece of Nigeria people, especially the youths and younger generation.”

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