How To Get Free Data Through Dent Wireless (Working Perfect)

How To Get Free Data Through Dent Wireless (Working Perfect)

This is the evergreen unlimited latest free browsing cheat valid since 2018 and still very active till date, though this is more like a promotion from a mobile data top-up firm, but at own end its a free browsing solution since the data top-up is free, this tweak is not particular to any country or mobile network provider, that is to say, that most countries of the world are supported, Countries like the USA, UAE, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana plus its a cross-network tweak, you can get it to working for you regardless of your network provider,thats to say that is ISP boundless, you can get free data subscription on your MTN, Airtel, Glo, Cellc, Vodafone among other suppported networks.

Another interesting thing about this cheat is that it’s stress-free, no special settings or configurations , no VPN, doesnt require rooting or changing of device Imei , it simple and straight, follow a one time guided instruction and you are good to go.

How Does it work?

This Latest free browsing cheat is powered by DENTwireless, an international mobile data and airtime top-up token hosted on the Etheruim blockchain, Here is a quick Illustration on how it works.

~ First, download the mobile app to be made available on this post

~ Sign up on the app

~ Input your desire mobile phone number and get free data subscription package subscribed on the sim from your network provider.

~ Receive Confirmation message from your network provider, then use your normal data balance USSD to check and confirm the subscription

How To Get This Latest Free Browsing Cheat

~ Download this Blockchain top up app “DENT”
Click here to Download the app for Android and IOS smartphones, you can read more what DENT is all about on this post

~ Install and register with your desire mobile number, a bonus of 1100 dents(welcome bonus) and 590 dents ( bonus for downloading from the link above) will be issued to you,

~ Exit the app, wait for 5 minutes and reopen it for the full DENT to reflect on your account

~ Now input your mobile number into the send data column on the app

~ Use the international format ie your country Code minus the first digit +2347012345678, or +27790564329, +15690123457

~ Select the available data subscription package from your network provider, click on it and choose buy, this will automatically top up your line with the data,

~ A top-up confirmation message will be sent to your line by your network provider notifying you about the top up, this might take some minutes or hours in some cases

~ Now check your data balance with your network data balance ussd code

~ Once confirmed enjoy your data

~ Note that you might get sold out prompt while topping up on some networks especially the weekly data bundles if such is the case wait for some hours and try again


source: Chrisrepair