“I can resurrect DJ Arafat, but on one condition” -Ivorian Pastor…


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“I can resurrect DJ Arafat, but on one condition” -Ivorian Pastor...

An Ivorian pastor has declared that God has appointed him to resurrect deceased Ivorian DJ and Singer, DJ Arafat.

According to the pastor identified as Koffi Duchrist, he can resurrect DJ Arafat but on the condition that he gets permission from the biological family of Arafat and Minister Hameb Bakayoko, who is Arafat’s godfather.

He added that some forces in the music industry who don’t want DJ Arafat to be resurrected but God has declared and he will revive him.

“God told me to do this live and wait for a period of 5 days, that is to say by Friday at the latest, that I get in touch with the family of Dj Arafat.

If the family of Dj Arafat calls me at once I will leave and whatever the number of formol they put in the body of Arafat, the Lord Jesus will resurrect it.

I get the impression that there are people who do not like Arafat revive, I have the impression that there are wizards in this business, so stay calm, I’ll tell you because when God has opened a door can shut it up Arafat will get up and take the microphone to sing”, Pastor Koffi Duchrist revealed.

DJ Arafat originally known as Ange Didier Houon was an Ivorian DJ and music star who has several hit songs to his credit.

On 11th August, DJ Arafat was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident at Abidjan and was rushed to the hospital.

He passed away on 12th August 2019 after he suffered a skull fracture.

Ivorian Pastor claims he can resurrect music star, DJ Arafat but on one condition

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  1. don9ja says

    if he can….ia alright he should go ahead

  2. duci-naija says

    I can’t wait to see Arafat back..

  3. bossman says

    Write your comment here…its Gods doing no man can revert! if he’s waking d dead then he’s waking something else..not d already gone Dj. I can’t subscribe to it. NEVER!!!

  4. kc says

    Write your comment here…let him do it, we are waiting

  5. Rodriguezclaira says

    Please pastor do that, am one of his fan

  6. Fitz says

    Write your comment here…who be dis man self

  7. Bernard says

    pastor if it’s God’s other then why wait for permissions from family members,,,,, and his god father,,,,, do it please

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