Imo must be rescued from political gangsters – Intersociety

The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety) said there’s an urgent need for Imo State to be rescued from “political gangsters”.

A statement on Friday by the Chairman, Emeka Umeagbalasi and other officials condemned the “political banditry and brigandage” ahead of the Nov 11 governorship election.

The non-governmental organisation also lamented the recurring cases of killings, abductions, disappearances and arson, among others.

It noted that more than half of the 27 Local Government Areas and most of their ‘autonomous communities’ are under terror as well as “military and police siege”.

“We are deeply alarmed that conventional security forces deployed have fully transformed into terror squads and become more criminals than those they were deployed to checkmate.”

Intersociety accused security personnel of compromise, saying it has become difficult “to differentiate them from non-state actors”.

The group alleged that the state government was using public funds to “suppress and oppress its citizenry” in an attempt to retain power.

The statement said the image of Imo has been damaged and charged democratic forces to free the South-East state from “another four tortuous and bloody years”.

“Leaderships of leading parties like APGA, PDP and LP must live above board, shun transactional/money politics and join hands to rescue Imo.

“Political defections in Nigeria have rubbished and messed up the country’s leading political actors and ruined their characters and integrity,” it added.

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