Rejection is the biggest challenge that I have faced as a pastor over the last 3 decades of my life in ministry. I have always felt very sad and depressed whenever people that I have labored over in Prayers, ministry of the Word and Pastoral ministry of visitation and counseling leave our church to other churches. It gives me the personal feeling of Rejection.

I recall asking myself often the questions about what I did not do right or could have done better. The same feeling is what young men have when Rejected by ladies after several efforts to please such ladies by taking them out, buying gifts for them, caring about them, praying for them and one day, she walks out of that relationship. Rejection can be cruel on the recipient most especially when the Rejected has drained himself or herself of love and care.

The Bible sees Rejection otherwise and I will like to Inspire you with a particular verse that ‘changed’ my perspective to Rejection and how I have handled the subject thereafter.


Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes? (Matt. 21 v 42)

The above passage speaks too many things into my life whenever I am faced with the feeling of being rejected as a Pastor by someone close to me. It Inspires me with the thoughts of God concerning my life (Jer. 29 v 11), coupled with the scary thought of Rejection being part of God’s purpose for me with the phrase ‘THIS IS THE LORD’S DOING…’ boldly shouting at me during such moments.


JESUS WAS REJECTED BY MEN AND THE BUILDERS OF HIS TIME: Jesus told His disciples that ‘The stone which the builder rejected would become the chief corner stone’, in fact that was acclaimed to be ‘The Lord’s Doing.’ We have to start seeing things differently if we are going to live a life of fulfillment. John Said, ‘He came to His Own But His own Received Him not…’ (John 1 v 11). Go to where you are celebrated and not rejected for your ministry to blossom. Remember, Jesus could not do much Miracle where He was Rejected but Accepted (Matt. 13 v 57-58).

MOSES WAS REJECTED BY HIS OWN PEOPLE: Moses was rejected yet he stumbled into his destiny because of rejection by becoming the Judge and Deliverer Of Israel. Many people had thought the life and ministry of Moses was over after being rejected by his own, but God had other plans for him and brought him back from the backside of the wilderness to make him leader of His people. God is not done with you yet!

DAVID WAS REJECTED BY SAUL TO HIS OWN GOOD: The boy David became a man after being rejected because he developed his survival instincts and prowess through that unpleasant experience. More importantly is the fact that David was a loyal servant to this fellow who felt threatened by his fame and success. There are times that your bosses may Reject you to their own peril and push you into your destiny. Learn to survive with God in caves and holes and not be despaired and despondent in life.

PAUL WAS REJECTED BY THE JEWS: The people that Paul really had wanted to be with were the Jews but they flatly Rejected his ministry amongst them and pushed him out. I believe that Saul became Paul after being Rejected by the Jews hence the change of name and making of the great Apostle to the gentile nations of this world. It released him to his calling and fulfillment.

As you begin the new year, I enjoin you to look past the rejections of 2018 and look forward into your 2019 with rekindled vigour and hope that God has the best plan in store for you albeit the rejection you are currently facing or have faced.

Be Inspired!