It's a Double Celebration: Comedienne and Actress Helen Paul is inducted as a professor in the United States, and her husband is awarded a doctorate in law.

Dr. Helen Paul, a popular Nigerian comedian, has resorted to social media to celebrate a double academic achievement she and her husband attained in the United States.

Helen Paul, who has earned the title of “Global citizen with a local mission to nations,” received a promotion at Heart University and expressed her gratitude to God and her husband.

She captioned the shot above:

My dear, please accept my heartfelt congratulations.
It’s a tremendous honor for both of us.
You received your doctorate in law, and I received a promotion as well. Professor Helen Paul, the Department of Arts, Music, and Entertainment’s new H.O.D. Heart International University is based in the United States.
Thank you for keeping me awake at night.
Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice for us.

She wrote in another post:

My husband, Dr. Femi Bamisile, deserves special gratitude.
Thank you so much for your unselfish dedication to my academic advancement. Thank you so much for all of your sacrifices and for taking the time to read, revise, edit, and teach me as if I were your darling baby.
Thank you, sweetie, for everything.
I’ll never forget your most important lessons. “Helen, keep your secrets to yourself.”
Never let your emotions get the best of you.
Every connection has a set length of time.
“Be sensible and move on as quickly as possible without being slowed down by anything.”