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Jesus is the only one way to heaven, not even Allah – Maraji says



Jesus is the only one way to heaven, not even Allah – Maraji says

Maraji is the number 1 trending topic on Twitter after she took to her Instagram Stories to dismiss other religions by saying Jesus is the only way to heaven.
The popular Instagram influencer tweeted the “offensive” messages on eid-El-Kabir, a day when Muslims all over the world were celebrating, and this made it all the more insensitive.

The Instagram comedian shared a photo with the text: “There is only one way to heaven. No Allah, no Buddha, no Krishna, no evolution, Only Jesus.”

Another text she shared quoted Voddie Baucham. It reads: “I will not violate the teaching of the text in order to somehow sound more appropriate for the culture.”

She went on to share screenshots of a message from an Instagram follower who cautioned her for her post. The screenshot also included Maraji’s reply to the follower.

In it, she insisted that other religions do not worship the same God as Christians and that Jesus is the only way.

She captioned the screenshot: “Not trying to offend anyone, but the truth is quite offensive.”

Her post angered a number of people and they took to Twitter to call her out. A number of people said “Maraji is cancelled”. They berated her for making such “islamophobic” statement on a day Muslims were celebrating. Some said she just killed her brand.

But some Christians defended her. Others pointed out that what Maraji said is no different from what most Christians are told in church by their pastors.

See some reactions below.

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