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Kim Kardashian’s 6th Toe Rumors Reignite Over Her Bday Pics In Sandals – Hollywood Life

The 6th toe conspiracy continues. Kim Kardashian wore open-toe shoes during her 40th birthday trip and fans are convinced her rumored 6th toe is real. We’ll let you decide…

Even on her 40th birthday, Kim Kardashian can’t escape the longstanding rumor that she has a sixth toe on her left foot. The Skims founder took to Instagram and Twitter on October 28 to share more photos (seen here) from her lavish trip to a private island. Yet, the only thing fans and critics were fixated on was her left foot, which they claim included an extra toe.

Kim Kardashian West promotes SKIMS shapewear at ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ in New York on February 5, 2020. (Photo credit: MEGA)

Kim posted a trio of photos that showed her dressed in a printed orange dress. Her feet, and her alleged 11 toes, were exposed in a pair of black, open-toe sandals. And, that’s when the toe debate was reignited. One fan zoomed in on the photo and wrote, “Am I the only one who noticed she has 6 toes?” Another fan replied to Kim on Twitter and asked, “Why do you have so many toes?”

Kim Kardashian West in New York on February 5, 2020. (Photo credit: MEGA)

In the caption of her post, Kim informed fans that (at the time of her post) there were only six days until Election Day. (Six days… how ironic?) To that, one fan wrote, “You say six days, but I only see six toes.” — Similar comments continued to pour in, with many fans poking fun at the mother of four. 

Nonetheless, they’re all wrong. Fans of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star may recall when she debunked the 6th toe conspiracy on Instagram last month. Kim explained, while laughing in a video, why it sometimes appears like she has a sixth toe in photos.

“Everyone thinks that I have six toes, and it’s really wild,” Kim said while filming her left foot in a white flip flop. She eventually pointed out a tiny bump on the left side of her foot, which makes it look like she has an extra toe. “But it’s this part of my foot that when I wear a shoe just like this, it like smashes down right here,” she said.

In a second video, which Kim captioned, “very baffling,” she said, “And in a picture — I don’t know why — it looks like a sixth toe.” At one point, Kim even counted out each of her five toes. “I hope that answered my sixth toe question because I only have 5 toes on each foot,” she added.

Kim’s 6th toe debate wasn’t the only drama that followed her 40th birthday bash. She came under fire after posting that she flew her closest friends and family to a private island via a private jet during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Critics called the mother of four “tone-deaf” for throwing a party during the global health crisis.

Her little sis, Khloe Kardashian jumped to her defense during an October 29 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “This year is a frustrating year, I get it. There’s so many frustrations for everybody,” Khloe admitted. “But also…. this is her 40th. And this is something she really wanted to do for us. And being there with all the precautions we took and how grateful everyone was for the tourism aspect of it,” she explained, recalling, “So many people said we were their first party or guests that they’ve had in months and it’s helped them pay their bills and do stuff for their families. We felt really good.”

When Kim revealed that she celebrated her birthday on a private island, she informed fans that she, along with her guests, quarantined and underwent “two weeks of multiple health screens.”

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