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Lady narrates her weird experience with a man she almost dated

Lady narrates her weird experience with a man she almost dated
Lady narrates her weird experience with a man she almost dated

Twitter user identified as @ebeletheservant narrates her experience with a man she almost had a relationship with.

According to the lady, she felt he was going to be the right man for her, but later found out he wasn’t after she prayed to God for divine direction.

She wrote:

“I remember this time, almost two years ago, I was catching feelings for this man and he was catching feelings for me too.

{We had been friends for a bit}.

I asked the Holy Spirit to add His ‘ginger’ and cause something to happen between the two of us (i.e, a relationship).
8:27 PM · Apr 7, 2021·Tw

And I heard the Holy Spirit clearly tell me, “if you both cross this line, it will be a disaster.”

The Holy Spirit told me that He brought this person into my life as a strategic partner for MINISTRY, not MARRIAGE.

He told me plainly, “he is not your husband.”

Sometimes, we let ourselves be carried away by our feelings and forget that there’s more to choosing a partner than just physical attraction or “he’s a child of God.”

Let’s take it easy.

In this case of choosing a partner, it is better to move too slowly than too quickly.”

See the tweet below:

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