Prof. Tanimola Akande has urged federal and state governments to increase the number of environmental health inspectors to reduce the spread of Lassa fever.

The former President of Association of Public Health Physicians spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos.

The expert said the incidence of Lassa fever in most states was worrisome and required concerted efforts.

Akande noted that inadequate health officials were not good for the country’s size.

Noting that population and numbers of houses have increased significantly, he said the health workforce was not commensurate.

“Quite a number of ailments are due to the poor environment. We need to have functional health inspectors that will go around houses as done in the 60s.

“Appropriate sanctions should also be given to those who aren’t keeping their environment clean”, the Prof added.

Akande said health inspectors should extend their scope of focus beyond abattoirs and marketplaces for a more healthier environment.

He advised citizens to keep a safe environment, store food and dispose of remnants properly to prevent the breeding of rats.

“The way we dump refuse arbitrarily would encourage the breeding of rats, let’s encourage people to dispose of refuse appropriately”, the expert counselled.

Lassa fever: Expert urges FG, states to recruit more health inspectors