‘No New Friends’ Singer Omawunmi Opens Up On Friendship With Collegue Waje


Omawunmi who celebrated her
birthday back in April with an
intimate party put up pictures
with the hastag no new friends.

When asked by the host why she
wrote that she had this to say,

“There is nothing wrong with new
friends, I just don’t have any. The
devil you know is better than the
one you don’t.”

On her friendship with soul singer
Waje, “From the moment I got into
this industry me and Waje have
been friends.

We are alike, we like the same
things, we pray a lot. We do a lot
of pray, a lot of God factor.

We empower each other,
encourage each other. We no dey
jealous each other and then we
celebrate each other, We
understand each other. We try to
be there for one another when
either of us is sad.”


When asked if her husband affects
her relationship with the other
mother of one, Omawunmi had this
to say,

“When he met me, he met us
together. She’s one of the very few
people my husband is comfortable
with around me.

We fight, but the good thing about
it is when we fight, we give each
other time then we trash it.”