Reactions as mechanic receives N50K after returning N10.8M mistakenly transferred to his account

Reactions as mechanic receives N50K after returning N10.8M mistakenly transferred to his account

A mechanic trails reactions after disclosing that he received N50K as a reward for returning N10.8M mistakenly transferred to his account.

This comes following a viral video of Timothy where he was showered accolades by a client for returning millions of naira credited to his account by mistake.

Timothy, however, reportedly received N50K, as stated by one of his customers, Chinonso Ndukwe, on Facebook.

Chinonso praised Timothy’s outstanding service and expressed disappointment that the contractor only gave him N50K as a reward. Additionally, he noted that Timothy appeared unwell and complained of a headache during their meeting.

“Before going on TV i went to my mechanic to ask him about what I saw all over the Internet yesterday. He has been serving me very well. So when I read that he returned 10.8 million to one of his customers i was impressed. Today when I saw him he was quite ill . He said he is having headache. The man that he returned his money gave him N50,000.00. People can be really unimaginable. Behold!” he wrote.

Reactions that followed on social media …

Andrew Ezeudegbe wrote: “He did what he was supposed to do. The money does not belong to him. If you spend it, you will surely pay back a hundred times. So be warn. There is a reason for every action. Use your own well.”

Chimeson Ifē Adigo noted: “Nawa o. This Una teaching that every seemingly good thing u do has a reward is really affecting Una sense of judgement n humanity.”

Kris Brown said: “Biko 50k is too poor, let’s tell ourselves the truth. Someone returned 10.8 million back to the owner without stress and some people are here yarning dust. What if he cornered the money? Mtcheeeew. Sir, the good Lord will bless you beyond your imaginations in Jesus name, Amen.”

Adajesus Makuachukwu wrote: “Is God that bless man not human.
“The amount the man gave him to me still okcoz you don’t know how much he had to spend on that project.
“Beloved for doing good don’t regret God is just watching to know ur mind he will surprise you OK. You are healed.”

Annoited Man said: “50k is OK because if He didn’t returned the money mistakenly sent to his account by his customer, the customer knows he mistakenly sent the money to his account wrongly and he will be arrested if he spend the money. His identity is well know to the owner of the Money.”


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