Sanusi was Lucky to be sacked – Nigerians react to Emir Rano’s death


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Sanusi was Lucky to be sacked - Nigerians react to Emir Rano's death

Earlier today, it was disclosed to the media regarding the death of Emir Reno who suffered a brief sickness. According to reports,

The Emir of Rano, Dr Tafida Abubakar Ila ll, one of the four emirs of the Ganduje-newly created emirates in Kano State, was taken to hospital yesterday.

He was in a “critical condition” and moved from Amina Kano Teaching Hospital to Nasarawa in search of oxygen.

He died today leaving behind 17 children.

We pray for his family and ask for strength to rise above the loss.

Following his death, there has been lots of reactions by Nigerians on . Some blamed his death over the conspiracy of the state to remove sanusi from throne, others also said sanusi was a lucky man, stating he would have been the one dead now.

Some Nigerians blamed the Governor of Kano state for neglecting Sanusi’s order to maintain social distancing.

These are some of their tweets;

“BREAKING: Emir of Rano dies hours after hospitalisation.

What could have pushed Ganduje to create new emirates in Kano and eventually dethroned Sanusi?

May be if Ganduje didn’t make that move Alh. Tafida Abubakar would still have been alive.

Every action have consequence”.

Kano is in deep trouble now. @MSII_dynasty Sanusi spoke his mind & truth about some of the problems but @GovUmarGanduje would not listen. Now, death rate is increasing but he is more interested in relaxing the lockdown”.


lot of fingers were pointed at Governor Ganduje following the relaxing of the stay at home order. They blamed him also for the sack of sanusi who suggested an idea to help the state avert this.

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  1. Bala Hassan says

    Kano needs prayer because only God can save Kano

  2. Donald says

    Sanusi Lamido is generous and pure minded to lead his people his people.
    I think is an example of good leadership that good servants of puplace should possess.

  3. Muhammadu Sani says

    Stop getting into the arena of God Almighthy u commenters. What is happening in Kno has no relation to the dethronement of Sanusi. And those who doesn’t know Sanusi are those to be fooled. Stop campaigning amiss covid 19

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