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Check Out The Moment A Man Helped His Wife Through 24Hours Of Child Birth

by warritatafo

Pregnancy can be quite stressful it is not as easy as most people make it look, it is actually more complicated than that. When a woman gets pregnant a lot of things would change about her, she would go through a lot of physical and emotional pain. The pain is worse when it is time for her to push out the baby, that is when she needs all the strength and support.

When it is time for a woman to finally gave birth, that particular stage can be quite scary because anything can happen. A lot of women go through excruciating pain, while some women are lucky not to go through too much pain. The time for labour differs from woman to woman some women can stay in labour 4 minutes while some can stay for hours or even days.

Some pictures that has gone viral on Twitter showed the moment a man helped his wife through 24 hours of labour. The lady that posted the picture said the Mother was scared at first to give birth in a pool of water, because she didn’t believe a home birth would be accessible.

She gave birth after 24hours of pushing, she had no medication just a natural and normal birth in water.

Her beloved husband told by herself for that 24hours helping her to push their baby, despite the fact that he couldn’t stand the sight of blood he still stayed with her. His support really helped her, because she would know that she isn’t alone.

Alot of people keep wondering what a Water birth is, this the type of labour whereby you feel water into a birthing pool and the Woman gets to give birth in it. People prefer having birth this way because they feel relaxed in the water and comfortable.

Alot of people took to the comments section to commend the man for staying by his wife, because not all Men can do stuff like that. See reactions below;

Imagine being in labour for 24hours, with all the contractions and pain involved in Childbirth. This is really crazy, but when you have someone by your side that is supporting you all through it would be worth the fight. After giving birth and you get to see your beautiful baby, all the pain you went through would definitely fade away.

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