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See How A Woman who stole plantain Was Punished In Bayelsa

by warritatafo

This is the moment a young woman was publicly flowed in a village for stealing plantain.

This happened yesterday, 26th April, 2021 in a village called Bulou Orua in State of Nigeria.

Well this is an age long punishment for who ever steals in the community and is caught.

The person when caught is taken to the chairman of the community who then gives the go ahead for the punishment to commence. The punishment sees a stick being tied across the arms of the thief from behind. Charcoal is then used to blacken his or her face and the item stolen is then hung around the neck.

After that the person is then paraded across the community and then given three strokes of the cane across the 12 quarters that makeup the community. That’s a total of 36 strokes to be given across the community. 

Not just that if the person refuses to dance as wanted while being paraded across the community he or she may be given additional strokes of the cane.

When the parade reaches the end of the community, the person is then loosed of the sticks and then bathed in the river while being prayed for that the spirit of stealing should leave him or her.

After that a fine for stealing is then paid by the thief to the owner of the property and the community.

For women the parade is being led by women and those who flog her are also women while it is the same if it was a man.

Depending on the chairman of the community, he may decide to only flog the thief in one place (usually a town square) or he may parade the person in the community.

Though there is a police station in the community, people may still prefer the public flogging of a thief.

From Opera News

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