Train children to avert present security challenges in Nigeria – Rev Hayab

The Country Director, Global Peace Foundation Nigeria (GPFN), Rev John Joseph Hayab, has observed that to avert the present increase in juvenile delinquency in Nigeria, parents must rise to their responsibilities of training children to be more responsive for a better society.

Speaking in Kaduna on Saturday as a guest speaker at an occasion, Rev Hayab noted that parents have a responsibility to spend more time with their children and to teach them the fear of God towards ensuring a peaceful and united nation that will ensure a conducive environment for all.

He observed that parents should give more time to their children by ensuring they impact positive attitudes that will guide them in acquiring both formal and informal education that will make them live as better people and in a harmonious relationship.

He lamented, “Parents focus more attention in giving their children modern education with little or attention given to the moral upbringing of the children. Parents should rather be more concern with ensuring that their children are trained to be responsible in their conduct towards relating well with one another.”

He decried a situation where parents are busier with their activities, leaving the children to watch programmes that negatively affect their upbringing, saying that with the present insecurity in the country, parents should ensure they give more time to giving the best training to their children.

Professor Yahaya Mujahid of the Department of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, attributed most of the present challenges to people’s misconception of what they should do in life for the overall development of Nigeria.

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