Two teenage British tourists die ‘while speeding’ during their gap year in Bolivia

Two teenage British tourists die 'while speeding' during their gap year in Bolivia

Two teenage British tourists have died in a car crash in Bolivia.

The authorities in the country said Freddie Michael McLennan and George Joseph Atkins, both 19, and the driver of the vehicle Alberto Barco, 22, were killed in the incident.


Four other people were injured in the accident, which happened on Sunday night, south of the Bolivian capital of La Paz. Among them was Callum Fraser, 19, who was at Cranbook School, Kent, with Freddie and George where they completed their A levels last year. Three other injured people were identified as Argentinians Walter Rossi, 22, Francisco Ceruti, 21, and Uruguayan Gabriel Martinez Bueno, 26.

Photos from the scene shows the mangled wreckage of a car. Traffic police commander Colonel Bernardo Isnado said the vehicle was apparently driving over the speed limit when it flipped over on the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, in southern Bolivia.

Colonel Isnado said: “Circumstances are being investigated, but according to the preliminary investigations there was an excess of speed. ‘

“The present case is under investigation; it has been brought to the attention of the Public Ministry.”

A spokesman for the UK Foreign Office said, according to Daily Mirror: “We are supporting the families of three British nationals who were involved in a car accident in Bolivia and are in close contact with the Bolivian authorities.”

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