UCL: Man Utd players make jest of Ronaldo’s aspirations

Manchester United players laughed at Cristiano Ronaldo’s aspirations when he arrived at the club in 2003.

The Portuguese forward aimed to be the best in the world and he stepped up his game in 2006 and he became one of the best players in the world and won the FIFA Best award in 2008.

But it is revealed by Fletcher that many United stars would tease him for his obsession with being the very best.

“He had a mindset that he was going to be the best player in the world from the day when he came into the club,” he told Sky Sports.

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“He took training to another level.

“At first, people loved the desire but he did get stick for it with people saying: ‘It’s easier said than done.’

“But people respected it and liked that mentality of wanting to be the best.

“There were times when he was putting ankle weights on for training and doing fast feet.

“The lads were laughing at him but he didn’t care and it didn’t deter him. Ultimately people respected it.

“The lads saw it as a bit of banter but deep down they respect that work rate.

Manchester United will travel to Italy to play Italian Champions in the Champions League on Wednesday.

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