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What I will do on May 29 – Imo governor-elect, Ihedioha

What I will do on May 29 – Imo governor-elect, Ihedioha

Imo State Governor-elect, Emeka Ihedioha, has pleaded with the people of the state to wait until May 29 when he will speak to them.

He spoke yesterday at the Grasshopper International Handball Stadium in Owerri, during the interdenominational church service held as part of the activities for the May 29 swearing-in ceremony.


In his short message, Ihedioha said the stadium in which he will be inaugurated as next governor of the state was in very bad shape and it was the effort of his transition committee that put it in good use.

According to him, “two weeks ago, if you visited this stadium, you will hardly spend a minute. Thank God for giving us wisdom and capacity for putting it back in use.

“God is with us and God will continue to be with us for putting Imo back to the comity of civilised states again.

“I am not yet governor; the journey has been tasking. We prayed and fasted, and our prayer was answered. By the grace of God, on May 29, I will speak to all of you.”

Speaking during his sermon, the Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Anthony Obinna, warned the incoming administration to avoid sycophants.

He said: “Today is Sunday and we have come to seek for the face of God. The sermon is based on Repent and Worship the true God and serve him in in humility, wisdom and fortitude.

“Let me say this, since independence till today we are still crying of what is happening in Nigeria. It appears to be worse than what happened during the civil war in this country.

“The opportunist agenda of politicians in Nigeria including the Igbo leaders even after the Biafra war, we thought things will be better but it is not like that. It is getting worse.

“Peace remain far from this country of everyday bloodshed. The recent election in Imo state and Nigeria, after the election, seem to have brought relative peace but it is not so. We are gathered here to pray for Imo citizens and governor-elect and deputy governor-elect, to believe in God and worship the true God.

“I challenge you all to stay clear of sycophants and those who will keep you away and far from worshipping the true God.

“In the present state of Imo state, we need servant leaders who will be inbuilt of God. We need servant leaders who will govern in the wisdom of God and the guide the resources of this state.

“We need servant leaders who will build a standard road for our communities and empower the young people.

“We need a servant leader who will defend our legitimate rights just as Mbakwe did and he was crying for our sake as a result of which he was described as a crying governor. We need a servant leader who will not betray us in the name of enslavement politics. Let us share in the same humility of Jesus Christ, share in the values of God and also forgive one and another.