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Who Is Ben Smith? 5 Things To Know About ‘The Bachelorette’ Contestant – Hollywood Life

In photos from ‘The Bachelorette’ premiere, Clare Crawley is seen kissing one lucky contestant named Ben Smith. Here’s more to know about him ahead of the show!

Things appear to get steamy pretty quickly between Clare Crawley and Ben Smith on the first night of filming for The Bachelorette. ABC released photos of Clare meeting her suitors, and one picture shows her full-on making out with Ben! Of course, there are 30 other men also vying for Clare’s heart, so anything can happen, but Ben definitely appears to be a night one frontrunner. Get to know more about him ahead of the season 16 premiere on Oct. 13:

1. He’s an Army veteran. Ben graduated from the United States Military Academy and became an Army Ranger. However, after he suffered a gruesome back injury, he decided not to return to active duty, and carved out a different future for himself. After leaving the Army, he moved to Florida.

Ben Smith kisses Clare Crawley on night one of ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

2. He works as a fitness coach. Ben currently works as a personal trainer in Venice Beach, Florida. Ben often posts shirtless pics and workout photos on his Instagram page to show off his progress, as well as his work with clients.

3. He loves dancing. Ben loves to break it down on the dance floor, according to his bio on ABC.com. He’s not afraid to “jump in the middle of a dance battle to show off his winning moves,” and is looking for a woman to cheer him on no matter how ridiculous he looks doing it!

Ben Smith’s portrait for season 16 of ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

4. He isn’t afraid to show affection. Ben admittedly loves writing love letters, and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and open. He wants to be with someone who’s also willing to “openly communicate.”

5. He loves dogs. Ben has various photos with dogs on his Instagram page. “Is in love,” he captioned one shot of himself holding a puppy. Awww!

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