Why I must return home to my wife and kids every 10 days – Jason Njoku

Why I must return home to my wife and kids every 10 days – Jason Njoku

Iroko TV boss, Jason Njoku, has revealed that he does not leave his wife and kids for more than 10 days.

According to Jason, he always returns home every 10 days no matter where he is, because he puts his family first.

Njoku narrated how he was forced to take the decision when an incident happened about eight years ago with his son who was then a toddler.

According to him, he was so occupied with work that when he returned home, his son would refer to him as mummy.

He stated he decided to always be around his family so they can also feel his impact on their lives.

He wrote,

“Haven’t left home in 10days?. Almost ready to hit the road again. Something that has helped me build rapid travel movement muscle is my own little rule. I MUST come home every 10days. This means if I need to travel across Lusaka, Kinshasa or JoBurg. Its 2-3 days/city then home.

“I won’t sacrifice my presence at home. Never. If I have to spend more than 2 weeks anywhere. Entire clan relocates. Kids <10 so it works. Not sure this works when the kids are older. But for now that’s the clan culture. People think its weird I fly 13hrs to spend weekends at home.

“8 years ago Obi (then 1.5yrs) never used to see me. So when he started speaking he used to call me Mummy. If there was a point where I knew things had to change and I need to prioritise family over everything else. That was it. Never regretted it since.”

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