You can't use a big Bum Bum to keep a man - Actress, Anita Joseph

Following the death of a Port Harcourt big girl who died after a botched plastic surgery in Lagos, actress Anita Joseph has chimed in on the online debate surrounding butt enhancement procedures.

Christabel, a young lady who went by the name of Christabel, was said to have died a few days ago in a Lagos hospital. Christabel complained about bleeding after the procedure, according to a friend who resorted to Twitter to criticize the clinic, but the clinic informed her it was normal and will go away shortly.

In response to the online debate, the curvy actress urged women to appreciate their bodies just as they are.

She went on to argue that having a huge butt can’t keep a man, and that women with little butts can win as well.

“Just so you know BIG BUMBUM can not keep a man. Be you just the way you are, after all ladies with small bum are still winning the last time i checked shalom. It’s a 50/50 chance it’s all there on the internet go read. Becareful so you don’t cause unnecessary complications for yourselves”, she wrote.

Meanwhile, reality TV star, Alex has opined that anyone who chooses to go for cosmetic surgery is insecure .

“In my opinion, if it’s not due to a health condition and you wake up then choose to go for cosmetic surgery to add bum, touch your face or one of those mumu things, you are an insecure person.” She said in part.